About Us

We are a family practice and walk-in medical clinic located in Sterling Lyons Business Center. Our mission is to promote high-quality care to our patients along with creating a comfortable and trusted family environment for everyone. Our team strives to meet the needs of our patient with minimal wait times. We can guarantee experienced and qualified physicians who are passionate about the medical industry as we do our best to serve our community.


At Health-Hub Medical Clinic, we attempt to accommodate every patient that needs our care. However, if you're requiring emergency care, please call 911 immediately and go to the closest emergency centre.
Emergency Care includes (but is not limited to:)
Severe pain
Shortness of Breath
Numbness, Weakness or Loss of Mobility
Severe Physical Injury

Uninsured Services:
There are some services that aren't covered through Manitoba Health or private insurance. For information on whether a service is covered, please contact Health-Hub Medical Clinic 204-282-6699.

Confidentiality and Privacy:
Everyone has the proper to possess all of their medical information kept private and confidential. Every staffer at Health-Hub Medical Clinic has been certified to handle personal health information and have signed contracts under the private Health Information Act (PHIA) to guard your privacy. You must provide written, witnessed authorization to possess your medical information released to anyone without you being present, albeit that person is your parent, spouse or counselor.

Virtual Care:
Concerned about visiting the clinic for an appointment? You can rest assured our staff are taking all the required precautions to keep our patients safe! This includes:
• Wiping the lounge seats after each use
• Cleaning exam rooms after each visit
• Spacing out patient appointments to scale back the number of patients in our lounge
• Practicing social distancing whenever possible so as to assist keep everyone safe, we ask that any patients visiting the clinic wear a mask to their appointment.
If you would like to be seen by a physician "virtually", or as a "Walk-in" patient Health-Hub Physicians offer Virtual Care! Please call our clinic to book a meeting or book a meeting online 204-282-6699.

COVID-19 specific FAQ

Q- Do you offer virtual appointments (as an alternate to in-person ones)? A- Health-Hub Medical Clinic is happy to provide virtual appointments for both family practice and walk-in appointments! Currently, unless necessary, most of our appointments are temporary converted to virtual appointments. Call us today, for more information or to schedule your appointment: 204-282-6699
Q- My scheduled appointment was alleged to be an in-person appointment. How to know if my appointment has been changed to a virtual one?
A- Health-Hub Medical Clinic staff will notify you, by phone if your appointment has been changed to a virtual visit. If you need further clarification, please call one among our clinics, our staff are going to be happy to help and answer all your questions.
Q- Are you continue to take walk-in appointments?
A- Our walk-in clinics will remain open for appointments. If a physician believes you would like to be seen in-person, our staff will coordinate with you and arrange a time for you to return to the clinic.
To book a walk-in appointment, please call one among our clinic or book online.
Q- What are the new clinic policies for in-person appointments, if I am required to return into the clinic for my appointment?
A- Screening and Consent – Everyone entering the clinic is required to pass COVID-19 screening to enter for their appointments. Sanitization – Upon entering the clinic every patient will be greeted with hand sanitizer and signage. We ask that you simply please sanitize your hands and skim any posted signage.
Masks - are mandatory for entry into our clinic and should be worn, within the clinic at all times.
Social Distancing – to take care of proper distances between patients you will be asked to socially distance and sit in assigned seating within the clinic. Our lounge space is restricted. You will be asked to either wait in your vehicle or come closer to your scheduled appointment.
Q- What steps has Health-Hub Medical Clinic taken to guard me while I attend an in-person appointment?
A- Your safety, along side our staff and physicians, is our top priority. Everyone in the clinic wear PPE all the time according to Public Health orders and standards. We follow strict sanitizing procedures in the clinic all the time. This includes frequent cleaning and disinfecting throughout the power. Patient examination rooms and lounge seats are sanitized between patients, greatly reducing the danger of COVID-19 spreading in our clinic.
Additionally, we exchange the indoor air within our clinics every 5 to eight minutes, which reduces the danger of any transmission mechanism.
Since the pandemic began, we have not had one COVID-19 outbreak in our facility. together with your help and our updated policies, we will keep everyone safe while they attend any of our clinics.