On-Site Pharmacy

Lorimer Pharmacy Services:


At Lorimer Pharmacy, we understand that sometimes there are barriers that will make it difficult to come to the pharmacy in person to fill your prescription. We are happy to deliver your prescription to you, at No Charge! Just give us a call at 204-219-8461, and that we can arrange delivery at your convenience.

Compliance Packaging

Medications provide the best results once they are taken at the right time. We understand that when the number of medications increase or their intake schedule gets complicated, maintaining the correct schedule becomes a challenge. Lorimer Pharmacy happily provides blister packing service for our patients to assist you to make sure that you're taking what you would like, once you need it. The pharmacist, according to your preference, can contact your doctor for prescriptions refills.

Pharmacist Home Visits

Our pharmacist advice is invaluable to our patients. However, coming to the pharmacy in person is not as easy as you would like. So, we are happy to provide this service to our dear patients. You are invited to call the pharmacy anytime with any questions you would possibly have. However, sometimes more personalized care is needed, which will be difficult to get over the phone. Our pharmacists can arrange home visits and provide you with the care you need for any issues or concerns that you have. Just contact our pharmacy 204-219-8461

Diabetes Advice and Meter Training

Diabetes is a chronic disease that requires ongoing work to reach control and maintain it. Our pharmacy team is here to provide all the help and support you need. consult our pharmacist to make sure that you simply are informed about any issues and interactions which will come up with any of your medications. Our staff also can assist you to select a blood sugar meter that works for you, and train you on the way to use it accurately.

Medication Reviews

When taking a replacement medication, or when taking many various medications, It is important that you understand why you take these medications, how they work and what the expected results are. The Lorimer Pharmacy team is here to assist and provide you with all the information you may need. Our pharmacist will provide you with the information required about any interactions or side effects during a one-on-one consultation. Our pharmacist also can provide advice on any OTC medications that you simply may need any questions on. Call today and book your consultation today 204-219-8461